Street Teams, Parties and Trailers

Our Street Team and Party Event's are run in conjunction with Book Crazy's Book Services.

Kendall host's Release Day parties and also offer's to be your Street Team Administrator! You can find out more on her Facebook page.

Release Day Parties/Book Party (Where she will host a Facebook event celebrating your book's release or just pimp your book.)
Street Team Administrator (Where she will make a Street Team for you and sort out everything in it, including what to post and also getting members for it.)

*A Release Day Party will cost you £50/$70*
*A Street Team Administrator will cost you £40/$60*

*Book Trailers in exchange for a signed paperback- please contact me directly with your needs*

She does not charge per month for a Street Team. You pay her £40/$60 and that is the final amount  - until you would like to handle your Street Team on your own.

You can check out Kendall's Book Trailers here!

If you would like her to do any of the above for her then please email at or you can PM me on my book page!

 IMPORTANT: For Book Trailers you must provide me with stock picture/s bought off of websites e.g. Big Stock, Shutter Stock etc.

Payments can be made through Paypal. Money must be sent to me in Pounds

PayPal Acceptance Mark