Terms and Conditions


1. All payments must be made through PayPal.
2. Full payment is due once your promotion is booked or 5 days before promotion goes live (whichever is sooner). 
3. Refunds: A full refund will be given within the first 5 days of payment. After 5 days, if a refund is requested, 20% will be kept for the work that was completed for your event.  No refund will be given 3 days before event goes live - this succeeds the above unless the issue is deemed beyond the Authors control (this will be discussed on contact).
4. The author will receive a template (with watermark) before the event goes live.
5. Giveaways: All Giveaways shipping and distribution of prizes are the sole responsibility of the author. Midnight Book Tours/Facebook are in no way responsible for Giveaways. Signed books will be country specific to the locality of the Author unless otherwise specified by them.
6. Authors are responsible to provide eBooks to all review stops.  Whether it is via gifting direct to the blog, free promotion code or their own conversion.
7. Options for tours can include: review, excerpt, promo posts, interviews, guest posts, Q&A, character castings (these are completed by bloggers), deleted scenes and more.
8. Tour stops: if a blog doesn’t post for whatever reason on their day Midnight Book Tours or Indie Brits will either take over the post for the day or try to get another blog to post a promotional post later that day or on another day so that the spot won’t be lost.
9. Reviews: positive reviews are not guaranteed. Bloggers are asked to not post a review that is going to be starred at 3 or below until after the tour has been completed. Reviewers are asked to give an honest review but we do not condone any author or book bashing.
10.The Author will supply any book covers for banners/posters.
11.The Author will supply all relevant information to where their book is on sale.
12. If the Author requests a spotlight Midnight Book Tours will supply the interview.
13. Swag is created independently from our tour services via a third party.  Refunds will only be given on Swag items either before Swag is made or the item is faulty.
14. Swag items are handmade so may vary.
15. A minimum of 20 blogs will be included in all packages with no maximum.
16. If you make use of a payment plan, all monies must be paid before your event begins.  If you cancel within your plan 10% of payments made will be with held for administration purposes.
17. You may take your free Blitz from the Refer a Friend scheme after your first full paid day (does not have to be for the same book featured in your paid blitz).


  1. We encourage bloggers to review our Author’s books.  However we do not condone ANY Author or book bashing.  If we find any examples of this the blog will be banned and if necessary blog details sent to authorities in cases of liable.
  2. All images we supply are bought stock file images.  If you decide to use alternative images we take no responsibility for copyright liability.
  3. If you can not post for any reason we would appreciate at least one days notice.